Who are EiPM

EiPM are a team of architects, engineers and system engineers, with long experience in construction and management. We provide project management and construction management, and also we offer high quality services in BIM, thanks to our extensive knowledge and our experience:

  • Management and work applied to BIM
  • Management of Major projects, BIG BIM models and BIG Data Models
  • Experience in building of large BIM models, from large volumes of Point-cloud files from 3D Laser Scan
  • Experience in management, construction and organization of BIM models with the market leading BIM software
  • We are bearers of OpenBIM and IFC format
  • Experience in managing, monitoring controls and audit of BIM models

We are an innovative team, always in the vanguard of new technologies and new processes of construction and management, to provide to our clients a service of the highest quality and efficiency.

We innovative in BIM processes, work methods and tools, management and control interoperability of BIM models, in creation and management of large BIM databases, interconnecting them between different BIM models.

EiPM team, with the spirit of innovation that characterizes us, we are:

  • Partners of BuildingSmart Spanish Chapter
  • Collaborators in the Graduate of BIM Management in UPC University
  • Collaborators in the Workgroups of BIM Catalonia organized by ITEC
  • Collaborators with BimAcademy
  • Collaborators of GUBIMCAT, Grup d’usuaris BIM de Catalunya

EiPM are also partners of Excellence&Work, an engineering company with a prestigious team, innovativors and at vanguard of engineering and BIM.